LCD Cover

While I am still waiting for all necessary parts I’ve decided to assemble LCD cover.

The Chinese electronics (LCD2004) looks almost like the original, but it needed some modifications. The contrast control potentiometer was blocking one of supports, so I had to drill (or modify the STL, but I choosed the first option)


The second problem was with original model for cover, which instead of having a clips which, according to the manual, should “click”, had infill. Finally i just ignored that and pushed the Chinese screen as much as I could, ignoring that the top is rising slightly.


For me it looks good. As the clone is still in progress, I’ve checked on my test printer is everything OK with the screen and electronics. Tests passed.


The LCD parts was printed from Silver PLA.


Printed plastic parts

  • 1x LCD-cover-ORIGINAL
  • 1x LCD-knob
  • 1x lcd-support-A
  • 1x lcd-support-B

Metal parts

  • 2x M3x10 screws


  • 1x RepRap Discount Smart Controller LCD 2004


  • Modification to lcd-support-B needed

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