As the real next step for building Prusa i3 MK2 is X-Axis, lets move to it.

The Original has bigger nuts than the chinese ones, so adapter or modification to original parts are needed. I am planning to modify the original parts, but for now I’ve made just an adapters. The ones which I found on the Thingiverse was with bad plastic tolerance, so I made a better fitted ones.

Printed parts needed for this step:

1x X-carriage
1x X-end-motor
1x X-end-idler
2x chinese_m8_nut_to_original_adapter

This parts can be printed either from PLA or ABS (or any other material you like to print with, except for flexible)

Nut mounting are covered in Z-Axis assembly part, so for a short moment we need to move to that part (its easier to drill in X-end-motor and X-end-idler before putting linear bearings and other parts, I made a mistake and drilled it later, so on the photos there is already X-axis assembled)

Go for Step 7 and 8 from official manual of building Z-Axis and as a nuts use the printed adapters.


Make sure, that You inserted the adapters in same way as on the photo.

After that, some drilling is needed, You need a 3mm drill and eg. cordless drill.

IMAG1489.jpgYou don’t have to insert the chinese nut for drilling 🙂 Drill the holes, make sure its clear enough from the bottom (especially if you printed MK2S parts) and then you can remove the printed adapter.

After that operation lets go back to X-Axis assembly, and just follow the original instructions, there is no differences between clone and original on that part.

X-Axis Summary

Printed plastic parts

  • 1x X-carriage
  • 1x X-end-motor (its better to use MK2 version instead of MK2S)
  • 1x X-end-idler (its better to use MK2 version instead of MK2S)
  • 2x chinese_m8_nut_to_original_adapter

Metal parts

  • 2x linear shaft Φ8 370mm (the longest ones)
  • 7x ball bearing LM8UU
  • 4x M3x18 screw
  • 2x M3x10 screw
  • 2x M2x12 screw
  • 3x M3 nut
  • 1x GT2 idley pulley
  • 1x GT2-16 pulley


  • 1x NEMA17 stepper motor
  • 1x Microswitch


  • 1x GT2 belt
  • 6x zipties
  • modification to X-end-motor and X-end-idler is needed (drilling or STL modification)


    1. Thank you very much!
      I dont have nylon currently, but this idea with printed nut seems good, and will make the clone closer to the original one.
      For sure I will try it too, but I want to finish the build on already planned parts first.


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