Test print – Clone vs Original

My clone is already fully working, I’ve made some tests.

I didn’t wrote that before, but I’ve replaced Z axis stepper motors with chinese ones with integrated trapezoidal Tr8x8 screws, as because of the coupler the Z axis was unable to go low enough to print. I strongly recommend to also do that, otherwise You can have similar problem. It will also help to avoid wobbles, which are mostly caused by the couplers.

The chinese motors which I’ve used are with screws 300mm length, and its enough to drive the Z axis to the top, even if they are not long enough to be over the Z-tops.

I’ve put the printer on karimata (joga mat), to (mostly) reduce noise.


On the chinese MK3 heatbed there is directly sticked the cheapest adhesive surface, I found that at my local reseller.

I didnt wrote anything yet about mounting the heatbed, but its really a easy task, just put the MK3 on plywood, use 4 M3 screws and heatbed springs, and using self-locking M3 nuts – screw it.

Eventually, the test print: (3DBenchy by CreativeTools)

One of the prints is from the Clone, and the other one is from Original Prusa i3 MK2S.

Filament used: ESUN PLA+ Green
Layer height: 0.2mm

Are you able to guess which print are from which printer? There are small details which should tell you that.

I’ve made also a short video from print on the MK2 Clone.

I am really surprised with the print quality from this clone, I wasn’t expecting that it will print so good.

Soon I will finish the Bill of materials, with a links to stores where you can buy all of the parts to build a MK2 Clone.



  1. Awesome writeup – It’s one thing to build a clone, but it’s another thing to sit down and write everything out like this with explanations and instructions. Very nice work. 🙂

    I made an MK2 clone as well, using an aluminum frame. I am definitely also impressed with the print quality. The only thing I’ve changed since I built the machine has been a switch to a miniRambo. It’s another $100 USD investment, but I feel a lot safer running with this board for longer prints. The quality of the RAMPS I got from AliExpress was a little rough.



    1. Thank you very much! Your clone as its made from only one color looks better than my build 🙂
      I see that you mounted a plastic parts on front and back of the machine – what it is for?

      I was wondering about aluminium frame, but comparing to plywood its very expensive – as I have the Original Prusa, the goal of this clone was to make a decent printer while saving money on parts which can be from cheaper materials. Also because of that i bought the stepper motors with integrated screw, which was one of the most expensive parts in whole build – but from my experiences it can significantly improve the print quality.

      I have good experiences with RAMPS, fortunately all Chinese ones which I’ve ordered was working without any problems. Rambo board has advantage that it can control both fans and current limit for steppers from the firmware.

      Currently I’m planning to modify Marlin a little bit more, I have some ideas how to implement XY calibration, but I am not sure if my programming skills will be enough to code it modifying Marlin, and also if i will find enough free time for that…


      1. Yeah, I plan to play with firmware some more in the near future. But it’s definitely very time consuming. 🙂 And yes the aluminum frame was more expensive than wood – in my case I didn’t have an existing frame and just wanted to get as visually close to an official MK2 as I could. That being said – I actually think all the different colors of parts on your build make it look really unique and cool, too.

        The front and back y-axis brackets are from thingiverse (http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1850161) and they made assembly of the y axis much quicker and cleaner because it spaces everything out for you in one direction, so you don’t have to mess with leveling everything. 🙂


    2. Thank You for the info about the Y-corners replacements!
      I’ve included them in bill of materials, and as well i am printing it just now.


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