Bill of materials released

Finally I’ve summarized all needed parts for building the Clone on one page. It’s intended to be a list which you can use to check if you have everything to make the printer.

Check it out here


Test print – Clone vs Original

My clone is already fully working, I’ve made some tests.

I didn’t wrote that before, but I’ve replaced Z axis stepper motors with chinese ones with integrated trapezoidal Tr8x8 screws, as because of the coupler the Z axis was unable to go low enough to print. I strongly recommend to also do that, otherwise You can have similar problem. It will also help to avoid wobbles, which are mostly caused by the couplers.

The chinese motors which I’ve used are with screws 300mm length, and its enough to drive the Z axis to the top, even if they are not long enough to be over the Z-tops.

I’ve put the printer on karimata (joga mat), to (mostly) reduce noise.


On the chinese MK3 heatbed there is directly sticked the cheapest adhesive surface, I found that at my local reseller.

I didnt wrote anything yet about mounting the heatbed, but its really a easy task, just put the MK3 on plywood, use 4 M3 screws and heatbed springs, and using self-locking M3 nuts – screw it.

Eventually, the test print: (3DBenchy by CreativeTools)

One of the prints is from the Clone, and the other one is from Original Prusa i3 MK2S.

Filament used: ESUN PLA+ Green
Layer height: 0.2mm

Are you able to guess which print are from which printer? There are small details which should tell you that.

I’ve made also a short video from print on the MK2 Clone.

I am really surprised with the print quality from this clone, I wasn’t expecting that it will print so good.

Soon I will finish the Bill of materials, with a links to stores where you can buy all of the parts to build a MK2 Clone.

At the begining…

If You don’t have experience with 3D printers, I strongly recommend to buy a Original Prusa i3 MK3 directly from Czech Republic (from Prusa Research).

To build that clone You will also need a 3D printer already, or a friend who print.
I am not sure what will be the results of that project, maybe the printer finally will be worse even from Prusa i3 Rework, but maybe it will be a great printer? 🙂

There is also a similar project about building a Prusa i3 MK2 Clone by Thomas Sanlanderer (its available on YouTube and also on his webpage – https://toms3d.org/2017/02/23/building-cheapest-possible-prusa-i3-mk2/)

All the printed parts can be found on GitHub – https://github.com/prusa3d/Original-Prusa-i3

I am buying a lot of parts from local stores. I will be converting all the costs to USD, as its my preferred currency on Aliexpress.
The costs can be different for You, depending on how expensive the metal/wooden parts are at your location.

For the metal I am always trying to obtain parts with property class at least 8.8 (ISO). The availability of that parts are smaller, but I believe it will help with the printer overall stability.

On the post image there is Original Prusa i3 MK2, which You should buy, and I am strongly recommending that.

Stay tuned!