bill of materials

Bill of materials released

Finally I’ve summarized all needed parts for building the Clone on one page. It’s intended to be a list which you can use to check if you have everything to make the printer.

Check it out here


Y-Axis summary

Finalizing the Y-Axis

Finally, the GT2 belt and the pulleys came, so I was able to finish Y-Axis build.

From the two types of switches which i described on cost estimations, only the bigger ones are working properly. The switches from razer mouse are too small to MK2 parts. The metal parts can be removed from the switches, it will work then button-like, but its not necessary. I’ve done it with removing.

Fully assembled Y-Axis

Fully assembled Y-Axis

I am not soldering the cables right now, even to the endstop which need soldering very close to plastic parts.
I had also to reprint the motor holder, as i broke the previous part while screwing endstop, and its new green PLA 🙂 It will be printer made from many different colors.


The next step according to official manuals is build of the X-Axis.

Y-Axis Parts summary

Printed plastic parts

  • 4x Y-corner
  • 1x Y-belt-holder
  • 1x Y-motor-holder
  • 1x Y-idler
  • (optional) 1x Y-motor-distance

Metal parts

  • 2x Threaded rod M10x380
  • 1x Threaded rod M8x310
  • 3x Threaded rod M8x210
  • 2x Linear shaft Φ8 350mm (Original = 330mm, if you want to use shorter, take also M10 rods 20mm shorter – 360mm)
  • 3x ball bearing LM8UU
  • 12x M10 nut
  • 12x M10 washer
  • 16x M8 nut
  • 16x M8 washer
  • 3x M3 self-locking nut
  • 2x M3 washer
  • 1x M3x25 screw
  • 2x M3x12 screw
  • 2x M3x10 screw
  • 2x M2x12 screw
  • 1x GT2 idley pulley
  • 1x GT2-16 pulley


  • 1x NEMA17 stepper motor
  • 1x Microswitch


  • 3x zipties
  • 1x GT2 belt
  • (optional) 4x felt pad
  • (optional) 4x zipties